Burmese Cat Club of New Zealand

Our mission

  • To Safeguard the Well Being of Burmese cats and the purity of the Burmese Breed
  • To Stimulate and Encourage the Improvement of Type
  • To Assist its Membership Through the Exchange of Information


South Island Cat Show 2022

17 July 2022

North Island Cat Show 2022


National Cat Show 2022

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June

10am - 3pm

Featured Event

National Cat Show (Christchurch)




Burmese Cat Club

of New Zealand

We are a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of the Burmese breed of cat, responsible and ethical breeding of the Burmese breed, and the showing of purebred cats and de-sexed domestic cats.

We are affiliated with New Zealand Cat Fancy and as a specialist club we are focused on the Burmese cat (and related breeds) to offer breeder advice and guidance where possible.  We  also organise two annual cat shows per year.

Our North Island and South Island committees meet on a monthly basic to discuss specialist issues to assist breeders and owners, breed standards, and the welfare of the breed.

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