Online Cat Show Entry System

Thank you for assisting in testing our new online show entry software.

This is a beta release so there may be some bugs and if you spot one, please let us know at


How it works

1. Set up a User Account

Unless you're already registered with the site or an existing club member, become a guest user of the site in order to access the entry and registration forms.

Create an account HERE


2. Register Your Exhibit

Registering an exhibit involves the exact same questions that you're used to.  Info such as your exhibits registration number, parents, etc.  The good thing is, you'll only ever have to do this once for each exhibit and the best thing is, when it's time to enter the following year's show, all the data is able to be recalled so you don't have to re-enter it!

3. Secure Indentification

When you register an exhibit, you'll receive an email from us containing all the information you've provided.  With this is a Unique Code and you should keep this in a safe place.

The Unique Code is used to indentify your exhibit amongst all over exhibits when entering a show using the online form.

4. Entering a Cat Show

Now that your exhibit is registered and you have your email/Unique Code, you're ready to enter a show.

Obtain your Unique Code and type it in carefully at step one of the online form.   The code is case sensitive so type it in exactly as it was in the email then when you're done click Next

5. Clarification

Step two will display the NZCF Registration Number and Date of Birth of your exhibit for clarification.   It's very unlikely that you could accidently guess the unique code for another exhibit, but to be safe confirm that both details are correct and click Next

6. Select the Rings to Enter

Select the Rings to enter and the form will provide you with your class schedules automagically.

7. Confirm all Details

Data from your cats registration will be recalled and displayed for you.  Check it over for correctness, leave your signature, date it and you're almost done.  Just one thing remains.

8. Can you Assist at the Show?

If you can steward, scribe, be a handler, or something else it's very much appreciated by any club. 


And with that, you're done.  Click Submit and await the confirmation email.

9. Download Schedule Documents

Download the Show Schedule HERE

10. Arrange your payment

Arranging payment is done the traditional way and unfortunately you'll have to calculate that yourself as this software is still very much a work in progress (we'll look at that next year)

Fees are as follows:

Entry Fees for Registered Cats and Kittens / Domestics and Companions are $12 per exhibit for All Rings

NZCF Inc Benching Fee: First Exhibit only - $5.00 per ring

Lucky Cage: $1.00 per ring

Catalogue: $7.00 each

PLEASE NOTE:  Benching Fees are payable on the first exhibit only (same registered only)



BCCNZ South Island Cat Show - Sunday 17th July 2022

Burmese Cat Club

of New Zealand

We are a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of the Burmese breed of cat, responsible and ethical breeding of the Burmese breed, and the showing of purebred cats and de-sexed domestic cats.

We are affiliated with New Zealand Cat Fancy and as a specialist club we are focused on the Burmese cat (and related breeds) to offer breeder advice and guidance where possible.  We  also organise two annual cat shows per year.

Our North Island and South Island committees meet on a monthly basic to discuss specialist issues to assist breeders and owners, breed standards, and the welfare of the breed.

Contact the club for more information