Cat Shows

What is a Cat Show?

A cat show is a judged event where the owners of cats compete to win titles and prizes by entering their cats to be judged after a breed standard.   Cats are compared to a breed standard, and the owners of those judged to be closest to it are awarded a prize.   Often, at the end of the year, all of the points accrued at various shows are added up and more national and regional titles are awarded.

Cat Shows are also a great way to meet other like minded people from all sorts of backgrounds.   Talk to your breeder and ask us at the club about how you can get involved in this fantastic hobby.  Many of us actively show our cats in cat shows hosted by other clubs and only too happy to assist you.

Grooming Before a Cat Show

Start with grooming.  Burmese are very good with their own grooming but the night before a show, it's a good idea to give your cat a little help to ensure they look their best.  Make sure the ears, eyes and nose are all clean, and give their bottom a wipe too.

Your cat will be handled by judges and trained handlers so for their protection, clip your cats claws the night before the show.   Instructions on how to clip claws are available here

Make sure your cat is free of fleas.

Your cats general health is showing signs of illness before the show (watery eyes, runny nose), it might be a precautionary idea to allow the cat to sit the show out.

Before the show begins, every exhibit will checked by a certified veterinarian and any exhibit that shows signs of illness will be 'vetted' out and will not be allowed to take any further part in the show.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."

How to exhibit your cat

Bring your cat within a suitable carry cage (like the ones below).  They're sturdy will keep your cat safe and contained for the journey to the venue

Bring your exhibit's vaccination certificate.  Your cat won't be allowed in the building without it.

While at the show, your exhibit will be in a show cage.  You don't need to bring your own, they're already set up and each one will be labeled with a cage number one of which is issued to your exhibit.  It is advisable to give your exhibit something to sit on such as a suitable bed, cushion or blanket.

Also, bring along a small litterbox.  Don't worry about litter, this will be provided by the club.

You want your exhibit to be relaxed and made to feel secure so decorate your cage with some curtains of which your breeder may have some to loan you.  Also a toy is good to keep your exhibits mind at ease.  Ones that hang from the top of the cage are especially good


You will be able to sit, watch and listen while your exhibit is being judged and it is a great opportunity to learn about this interesting hobby.

There will be food and drink on sale at the venue for when you get hungry and need something to eat, so bring some money for food and raffles.

While you are in the venue it is appreciated if you turn your cellphone to silent, as too much noise can often distract or upset the exhibits.

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

Club Committees

North Island

  • Christine Yeung
  • Mushfik Yeung
  • Genevieve Rogerson
  • Rex Hansen
  • Julie Hansen
  • James Hanford-Cable
  • Craig Hanford-Cable
  • Trish Steel
  • Shirlene Nagy
  • Sue Leathwick
  • Christa Krey

South Island

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  • Pam Taylor
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  • Glen Hodgman

Burmese Cat Club

of New Zealand

We are a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of the Burmese breed of cat, responsible and ethical breeding of the Burmese breed, and the showing of purebred cats and de-sexed domestic cats.

We are affiliated with New Zealand Cat Fancy and as a specialist club we are focused on the Burmese cat (and related breeds) to offer breeder advice and guidance where possible.  We  also organise two annual cat shows per year.

Our North Island and South Island committees meet on a monthly basic to discuss specialist issues to assist breeders and owners, breed standards, and the welfare of the breed.

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